Ashton Bonnet Co. - Handcrafted Custom Bonnets


Bonnets Designed by You and Handcrafted to Perfection

Choose any combination of cord and crystal or use rows of colour crochet to design your perfect custom bonnet!  The bonnets start at $100 for the plain undecorated base, or $110 for the Tie-down base, in your choice of Black, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Brown, Light Grey, Red, or White.  Each row of cord is an additional $10, each row of crochet of a different colour is $5, each row of rheinstone chain is an additional $15, and each row of crystal bead is an additional $25.  Styles available include Square (most popular) Tie-down (gaining popularity), Vee, Round, or Scalloped.  Order one of our standard sizes or send us your horse's measurements for a completely custom fit!  Email us at for orders and expected production time.